Missing Google Reviews

Google Provides Update on Missing Business Reviews

Google My Business reviews are hugely important to small business owners across the country. They rely on the word of mouth and social proof that positive reviews provide. Consumers use these reviews to vet companies and businesses every single day. Some people will not try a new restaurant without first combing through all the online reviews posted. Several weeks back,…

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DuckDuckGo Processes 40+ Million Searches Daily

Originally launched over a decade ago now, DuckDuckGo has stepped up their game in an effort to steal search engine market share from Google. Gabriel Weinberg, the CEO and Founder, created DuckDuckGo with the idea of providing a less intrusive and more privacy-focused search engine to topple the current behemoth. A lot of users are concerned with the privacy issues…

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Medical Backlinks

11 Top Link Building Tips for Medical Websites

How The SEO Pros Build Powerful Backlinks for the Medical Industry One of the most important SEO ranking factors always has been (and still is) a strong backlink portfolio. Each and every backlink is a vote in your site's favor provided they are coming from relevant and authoritative sources. The medical industry is one of the most competitive SEO niches…

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The Google Search Engine Algorithm has a Crisis Mode

Pandu Nayak, a senior search engineer at Google, recently revealed to The Guardian that they've updated their search engine algorithm to better respond to real-time crises. Rampant misinformation in the midst of an ongoing real-life crisis such as recent school shootings has become a major issue. Google obviously wants to present real-time news as best as they can for people…

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Non-Profit Management Tips

18 Experts On Running A Successful Non-Profit

The Pros Share Important Not-For-Profit Management Tips There is a lot of crossover between running a for-profit company and a non-profit venture. However, there are some very unique challenges that you'll come across in the not-for-profit realm. We put out the call to dozens of non-profit business management experts to see if they'd be willing to share their experiences and…

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Latest Updates to LinkedIn Pages

LinkedIn recently announced updates to their revamped LinkedIn Pages to allow small business owners to more actively engage with their community and generate leads. The developers at LinkedIn listened to feedback from their customers and began rolling out several important updates aimed at make lead gen much easier for page admins. The first of these new features that rolled out…

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