Buying Men’s Clothing Online? 10 Valuable Tips

For the majority of males, finding reasonably priced, fashionable men's apparel may be extremely difficult. Here is a helpful guide on how to choose clothes that won't make you appear like a “doofus” and keep you looking sharp so you may dress nicely and purchase high-quality apparel on a budget, written by a real live girl who has assisted real men in the shopping process.

Guys, take note — women are typically better at this kind of thing. Here are 10 fashion advice for men on clothing selection and wardrobe maintenance:

1. Borrow a Tactics from the Catalogs

If you're not good at putting outfits together, the first thing you should do is subscribe to or otherwise purchase a few men's clothes catalogs. The greatest method to learn what clothes look well together and what clothes seem foolish is to do this. Obtain the catalogs from LL Bean, Land's End, Eddie Bauer, J. Crew, and any other clothing-related company. Look through the clothing in the catalog, and rip out the page that has the outfit you prefer. Simply take the page to a store you regularly shop at and try to discover something comparable if you decide not to buy the clothing from that particular retailer. If you have a photo of what you're looking for, it will assist the store employees find it for you.

2. Shop Wisely

Buy a few of something you like if it fits wonderfully and comes in a variety of colors (online shopping sites for deals and coupons can come in handy here to save money). Join their email list if you see clothing in a certain store or catalog that you like because most sales are announced there. Prints on pants are generally never a smart choice and very hard to match; solid-colored clothing is normally a safer bet than prints and will go further in your wardrobe. Keep the receipt until you are certain you want the item and avoid removing the tags as soon as you arrive home. Last but not least, keep in mind that items are placed on discount racks for a reason even if occasionally wonderful clothing can be found there.

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3. Purchase Well-Fitting Clothes

You can probably tell when a dress is too small. To determine whether the clothing is too big, however, requires a little more dexterity. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you will appear as large as your clothing. You'll actually look two sizes bigger if your clothing is two sizes too big. Nobody desires that. Everyone looks a hundred times better in properly fitted plus-size apparel, especially huge males. Shirts should fit comfortably over the shoulders and skim the body without being baggier in any one area. Short sleeves should fit your arms loosely enough that you can get one or two fingers beneath the cuff, unless you are particularly built and have no other option. Your hands shouldn't be covered by long sleeves. When you are standing up, your pants shouldn't touch the bottoms of your shoes or bunch up around your crotch. Pleated pants make no one seem decent; at best, they make some people appear “less terrible.” Buy pants with a flat front. Additionally, your underpants shouldn't be seen for Pete's sake. No one looks good in too-large pants, and they look even worse when they inevitably slip down.

4. Don't forget to hem

Even though getting your pants correctly hemmed is a rather straightforward process, so many guys choose not to do it at all. It costs little to have done, but it really improves the appearance of your pants and prevents the unsightly fraying at the bottom. Since you can easily get that extra mite hemmed off, it is usually preferable to find pants that fit but are a tiny bit too long to those that are a tiny bit too short. Find a nearby tailor, give them a try on, and ask the ladies in your office for recommendations. You can also look up suggested local businesses and pros on Yelp or Angie's List. After measuring and pinning them, you may pick up your ideal-length pants in a few days. This will save you money over time and is typically less than $10 for a simple job. However, tailors may do more than just cut pants hems; they can also take in the sides of a shirt if it is too loose and shorten sleeves that are excessively long, especially on jackets.

5. Select Colors That You Like

Never worry about whether or not a hue suits you. As long as the color is not sickly, most hues complement most skin tones well. (Avoid purchasing puce, chartreuse, or any other vomit-colored items.) When it comes to color, pink and purple are acceptable, but if you're going to feel self-conscious wearing them, don't buy them. An uneasy, uneasy man is never in style. If you are very bad at matching, just choose a couple of colors and buy everything in those hues. In high school, I had a classmate who was colorblind and had just khakis and jeans, as well as every shirt he owned being either green, blue, or white. It was a success!

6. Avoid donning all black.

Not for weight loss. Simply said, it gives the impression that you are completely naked. It is inappropriate to wear black pants with a black shirt. You are misguided if you believe that this makes you look better. Wearing a matching top and bottom is actually never appropriate. You appear as though you purchased your wardrobe from Gymboree as a result. Only when you are dressed in a tuxedo or a suit is there an exemption.

7. Remember your belts and shoes

Never pair a brown belt with black shoes or the opposite. Since men rarely get to wear many accessories, make sure the ones you do are stylish. (And a belt is an accessory, even though it serves a purpose.) A great flat black leather belt and a pair of nice black leather shoes are essential pieces of male clothing. These items should both be continuous pieces of leather without any braiding, stamping, or other embellishments. as well as how to clean them! These look terrific with a button-down and dark-wash jeans for a date and will give you the impression that you know what you're doing!

8. No Miniscule Shorts

If you're doing anything more official than changing your oil or unclogging a toilet, please don't wear jeans shorts. For casual days, you should wear khaki shorts or cargo shorts; but, unless you work on a boat or at an ice cream shop, you are not allowed to wear shorts to work or anywhere else that is remotely non-casual. Your shorts' hems should fall around the knee; otherwise, they appear foolish and you might be able to see up your legs when you sit. Nobody desires that. However, the waist and butt cannot be baggy in shorts. On weekends during the summer, you may choose to dress jauntily and pair your khaki shorts with a polo shirt.

9. No one needs to see your Underwear

Buy whatever is cozy, fits well, and doesn't stick out the top of your jeans because no one cares what brand you wear. The benefit of “tighty whiteys” or boxer briefs is that they don't bunch up and show through your jeans. For your dress shoes, you should wear black socks, and for your sneakers, white socks. You are perfectly free to purchase dress socks for your dress shoes; no one will notice them unless you are seated. A white T-shirt should always be worn below a white button-down; otherwise, we can tell.

10. A Guy's Essential Garment

Here is a helpful compilation of what you need to know to look great for any occasion while keeping your clothes budget in check:

  • Jeans with a medium or dark wash are preferred; no rips or bleach, please! Not too big and without extra pockets.
  • Khakis: flat front, any shade is acceptable.
  • For relaxed days, choose khakis or cargo shorts.
  • Shirts in a button-down style – Dark red, any shade of blue, or medium-to-dark green can be dressed up with khakis or dressed down with jeans. A white one is a necessity.
  • Those white undershirts are not outerwear; instead, choose short-sleeved polo shirts or thick T-shirts for relaxed days or weekends.
  • Shoes and belt both made of black leather. By adding these, you can slightly dress up your casual attire and get more use out of it.

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