How Do You Introduce Yourself To Potential Clients?

Being successful in the super competitive real estate world always involves having as many lines in the water as possible. Theoretically, anyone can be your next big client. How do you approach them or let them know what you do in the spur of the moment?

We reached out to dozens of the top real estate industry professionals and solicited their input on crafting the perfect elevator pitch. The eight quotes below will give you some fantastic insight into putting your own pitch together for maximum effectiveness. Get to pitching…

1. Address Fears & Concerns

“I'd recommend that real estate pro's center their pitch around addressing the fears or concerns that their clients typically have. For example, as a real estate investor, I'm in an industry that is known for having a low barrier of entry, and so you have good eggs and bad eggs. People tend to think that home buying companies are a scam, or are afraid that they'll be ripped off. So in that case, it's wise to center your pitch highlighting your transparency, honesty, and the ethical nature of your business.”

By Carter Fisk of Carter Buys Homes

2. Not ‘What' But ‘How' You Do It

“As a real estate professional in California who works in both investment, and the listing/brokerage space, competition is really heavy. One of the ways professionals can break through the noise is to center their pitch around how they're different than competitors. For example, in your pitch – don't just talk about “what” you do, because all your competitors “do” the same thing. Focus on the way you do it, that makes you stand apart. For example, in my space, I'm unique in that I'm an investor and an agent. That means that if a homeowner wants to sell their house totally as-is, and do a short sale, I can make that happen. Most other agents in the area can't. This allows me to offer the best of both worlds to my clients.”

By Matt Miller of Stockpile PV

3. Use This Simple Formula

“Real estate professionals can follow this succinct formula for crafting an elevator pitch: 1) what you do, 2) how you solve the client's pains, and 3) why you're the best. For example, “We'll help you list and sell your home as quickly, and easily as possible (what you do). We make the process as simple, and hassle-free as possible, and will take care of most of the hard stuff for you (how you solve their pains).. If you're dreading selling your home, and the process, we'll make the process as fun and pain-free as possible, and have a great record of helping other homeowners do the same (why you're the best).”

By Cassidy Melhorn of VOL Homes

4. Put That 20 Seconds To Use

“An elevator pitch in real estate is important because you have 20 seconds to capture someone's attention. Especially in the world of real estate, where there are hundreds of thousands of real estate agents that clients have the option of working with, it's important to show your value to a prospective client so they know why you are the best to work with.

Here is my elevator pitch: ‘I'm Jennifer Okhovat, I'm a Realtor born and raised here (I swap Beverly Hills or Los Angeles as needed) and I have a proven track record of results for buyers and sellers. My clients work with me because of my work ethic, strategy, and out of the box thinking. Are you or someone you know thinking of making a move?'”

By Jennifer Okhovat of Jenny O Homes Real Estate

5. Real Estate Attorney? Let Them Know

“I emphasize the fact that I'm a real estate attorney when I meet with potential property management clients – I also tell my prospects that I give “Free Legal Advice” to my clients who own properties in California. Other property managers can't possibly compete with that.”

By David Roberson, Esq. of Silicon Valley Property Mgmt Group

6. Keep It Short and Sweet

“As the owner of a realty outfit I craft my pitch accordingly and make it succinct. We give sellers the greatest exposure for their property, while making the purchase of a home a pleasant experience for the buyer. At Flushing NY Realty Realty, we take pride in our reputation. Our agents are friendly and courteous and are trained to qualify buyers and be knowledgeable in sales psychology and mortgage financing. People select us to partner with them because we have a proven track record and an impeccable community oriented business reputation.”

By Matthew Reischer of Flushing NY Real Estate, LLC

7. People Love To Save Money

“My pitch (and everyone at Yoreevo's) is pretty straightforward. We provide full service representation for all of our clients but at a fraction of the price. For buyers, we rebate the majority of our commission back to them at closing and for sellers, we simply charge less.

There's a lot that goes into how we're able to do that but needless to say, it resonates very well. NYC real estate is very expensive and a rebate of 2% of the purchase price is a lot of money – $20,000 on the average place.”

By James McGrath of Yoreevo LLC

8. All About Delivering Value

“It's all about delivering value, and making sure your pitch clearly shows how you will help the homeowner should they choose to work with you. A good elevator pitch is clear, concise, and lasts about 30 seconds–no longer. Too long and you lose the attention of whoever you're pitching to, missing out on a potential sale.

Our elevator pitch: ‘Clever Real Estate is a platform that connects homeowners to a top-rated local agent that will list your home for a flat fee of $3,000, or 1% if it's more than $350k. We have partner agents in every major city and most rural areas and have saved sellers over 8 million dollars in real estate commission.'”

By Benjamin Mizes of Clever Real Estate


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