Deciding on the Right Title Company

Choosing a Reputable Title Company is no Easy Choice

You've cleared every hurdle and signed every document, and now it's time to close on your home. But now you're stumped as to how to discover the appropriate title company to assist you with the closing! Choosing the correct title company or attorney to conduct your closing might be the difference between a smooth sailing experience and a rocky descent. The buyer will almost always want to choose the closing agent, but everything is negotiable, and if you as the seller have a certain title business in mind, you can include that in the contract. However, when it comes to selecting a closing agent in the future, you'll want to think about a few key factors.


The reputation of the organization is the first and most crucial factor to examine. You'll want to work with a firm that has a strong reputation in the community and a track record of successfully negotiating all of your state's laws. Inquire of your local friends and family members, particularly those who have recently completed a real estate transaction, which title company they used. Have they lived up to your expectations? Did they treat you with respect and keep you informed throughout the process?

Professional Experience

This is a no-brainer, but it's a massive headache waiting to happen if you don't double-check your title company's professional experience. Examine the title company's professionalism, as well as its website and internet presence. You'll be able to tell whether they take themselves seriously and go the additional mile, or if they just do enough to get by. You should also do a phone interview with them and ask them ridiculous questions that you've pre-researched on Google. You'll know something's up if they give you an answer that is way, way out there. Inquire specifically if they've completed any transactions comparable to yours in the past, as well as what their method is for dealing with them.


If you choose a closing agent with an office on the other side of town, you may find yourself with more driving time than you anticipated. Between now and closing, you'll probably have to see your closing agent multiple times to sign papers, provide proof of identification, and deliver checks. As a result, picking a title business close to home could save you hours of crucial time, not to mention avoiding rush hour gridlock.

Fee Schedule

The last thing to think about is how much money you'll spend on closing fees if you choose this title business. There are no industry-wide costs, so be important to inquire about their fee structure during your phone interview with your closing agents. You'll also want to know whether the buyer or the seller is responsible for the fees. The expected individual varies by state, but whoever is paying the fees should be decided ahead of time, and it is frequently customary to allow them to choose the closing agent.

Choosing a title company with a strong reputation, professionalism, expertise, a local office, and a reasonable cost structure will be excellent. Your closing agent should be there to assist you throughout the process, addressing any and all questions you may have. You'll avoid a lot of headaches and be a happy camper at the end of closure if you follow these crucial steps in picking a title company.


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