Google has unveiled a new filtering system that will allow users to more easily find work-at-home jobs directly from the Google search results pages.

Many people already use Google as resource in their quest to find a new job and now it is even easier according to the latest announcement from the Google search team.

“Many people already use Search to find work-from-home roles, and today we’re announcing an improved experience within job search in the U.S. to connect people with quality remote jobs.”

You're now able to perform a simple Google search for jobs you may be interested in such as “customer service jobs” and filter out those that offer work-from-home opportunities.

Potential employees are now more easily able to find job situations which fit their lifestyle and employers are now able to reach a wider audience.

These WAH job listings are made available via schema markup classification such as remote jobs and telecommuting jobs.

Job hunters can filter these types of opportunities right from their mobile browser.


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