Back in 2018, Google launched the new version of their Keyword Planner as a part of the revamped Google Ads interface. As a result, they are now deprecating the older version of Keyword Planner this week.

“Over time, we simplified the navigation and improved forecasting based on your feedback. The new planner is now feature complete, and we're deprecating the old Keyword Planner this week.”

Google engineers worked hard to improve the keyword planner user experience based on user feedback. Google is now comfortable enough with the performance of the latest version to do away with the old one.

The newest iteration of Keyword Planner allows users to:

  • Download trend data for individual keywords
  • Use up to 10 seed terms at a time
  • Get more granular competition ranking across keyword ideas
  • Save keyword ideas to existing campaigns
  • Get daily budget suggestions in the plan overview
  • Find the in-account status for uploaded keywords
  • View forecasts for all languages

If you're not familiar with this latest update, jump in today as it will soon be your only option.


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