LinkedIn recently announced updates to their revamped LinkedIn Pages to allow small business owners to more actively engage with their community and generate leads.

The developers at LinkedIn listened to feedback from their customers and began rolling out several important updates aimed at make lead gen much easier for page admins.

The first of these new features that rolled out were Custom CTA (call-to-action) Buttons and analytics. Page admins can now create custom CTA buttons with options including:

  • Contact Us
  • Learn More
  • Register Now
  • Sign Up
  • Visit Website

The CTA analytics are available in the Page admin home dashboard.

LinkedIn also rolled out a Communities Hashtags feature allowing you to engage your audience via the hashtag content feed and also associate your page with certain relevant hashtags.

The final update was allowing for mobile admin editing for certain key page details and already published posts.

Have you had any experience with these new features yet?


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